CLINGING TO A MASCOT AT WHOSE EXPENSE  A Call to Change the Native American Mascot at Napa High School As a professor of Humanities at Napa Valley College for the past eleven years and former high school social justice teacher for seven years,… Read More

DAYS WHEN THERE’S NOT ENOUGH He bought a box of instant mashed potatoes, some canned tamales, a small bag of frozen bon bons, and a few other things.  It wasn’t much.   Enough to get him through the week if his meals were… Read More

MALE STRIPPERS AS HEALERS AND THEIR EMCEE AS GRIOTTE– WHY MAGIC MIKE XXL IS DEEPER THAN YOU THINK Introduction It was already a good day because it was summer break, and I was eating chocolate malted crunch ice cream from Rite Aid.  … Read More

Beauty Revealed: Bringing Out the Best in Others Preface          Exploring what it means to “bring out the best” in others was a collaborative endeavor that began in 2011 between colleague Carlos Hagedorn and I. Reflecting upon how much… Read More

“I’m looking for dolls and action figures that represent active girls of all ethnicities with ambitions that don’t always involve making a fashion statement.” –Janet Stickmon