If you read To Black Parents Visiting Earth:  Raising Black Children in the 21st Century,  below is the list of resources I referred to throughout the book.  It is comprised of books, articles, handouts, slide presentations, and videos on a range of topics… Read More

What if Black parents from other planets visited Earth?   What kind of advice would you give them to safely navigate the world given today’s social climate?   In a book that is part memoir and part self-help guide,  Janet Stickmon writes… Read More

White folks, educate yourselves. If you believe in racial justice, do this work. Turn inward to see how your white privilege and unconscious biases interfere with your ability to connect with POC and prevent the creation of a racially just society. Whites… Read More

“I’m looking for dolls and action figures that represent active girls of all ethnicities with ambitions that don’t always involve making a fashion statement.” –Janet Stickmon