(FOR:) PLAY—A Review of GOAPELE’S Latest Single “PLAY”

Consider it a precious gift when a woman tells her lover she is ready to play.   In all its vulnerability, strength, and beauty, her Love must be recognized as sacred and held gently.  In the reality of the moment, the lover should… Read More


Here are Broken Shackle’s Top Movie & Documentary Picks!!!  You’ll see a mix of over 60 flicks from a full range of genres:  action, fantasy, comedy, science fiction, religion, love, espionage, and social justice.  If you haven’t seen these yet, go out… Read More


Baby was almost 8 months old, and I was invited to do a presentation on entrainment at New York University.  It was my first talk in over a year, and I felt a bit rusty.  Nonetheless, I jumped on a plane to… Read More


Gold Taraji, first-time mom, continues to tell her story of breastfeeding.  She discovers the power of the eyes… The first two weeks of breastfeeding felt lonesome. Offering Baby shelter from distraction, I brought her into the master bedroom, dreading my routine retreat… Read More

Romance Yourself

Don’t wait for someone to romance you.  Romance yourself.  Create a candlelight atmosphere.  Surround yourself with flowers.  (Yes, dudes, too!) Look in the mirror and smile.  That’s all.


Engage in hit and run acts of self-care.  Take a 5 or 10 min vacation.  Massage your feet, your face, your hands.  We work so hard all day, all week, often putting our own needs last.  Take care of yourself.  Please.


Dr. Gold Taraji is a physics professor who enters a new phase in her life as a woman who just turned 43 years old and is the mother of a 2-year old.  She reflects on past relationships and anticipates the beauty of… Read More

Excerpt from Crushing Soft Rubies on Childhood

As I was working on the second edition of Crushing Soft Rubies, I came across a section about my childhood that brought back good memories.  Wanted to share it with you…. ╬  In elementary school, I was extremely sensitive. If anyone was… Read More

Multiplicity and Intersectionality

Below is part of the introduction to an article I recently wrote, entitled, “EMBRACING MULTIPLICITY–BEING A CATALYST FOR CHANGE.”  In its entirety, the article makes connections between Obama, trickster deities like Eshu and Ananse, and the process of psychosynthesis.  For those interested… Read More


“I always look forward to meeting Larkin,” Yajaira thought to herself as she drove to his office. She stops at an intersection and reminisces silently, “I remember the time when we sat in my car, enjoying the view of the East Bay… Read More