CenterJoyPWR™️  — Strategies for Healing Racial Battle Fatigue is a 4-week live virtual group coaching program for BIPOC professionals experiencing racial battle fatigue to learn how to design rituals that center joy in their personal and professional lives and help them feel motivated, energized, and inspired. CenterJoyPWR™️ will be on Saturdays, 9am-12noon PST, 1/16/21-2/6/21. For registration info, click HERE:


2. Stickmon’s creative nonfiction writing workshops are designed to equip aspiring and seasoned writers with the tools to explore their hearts and minds and share their life stories with the world.



“Writing Your Untold Story” (all ages)

Ever feel like there’s a story inside you that’s dying to come out?  During this workshop, you will learn ways of wrapping words around experiences so they can come to life and be a story you can share with others.  The story you tell could become a tool for liberation…for yourself as well as for others. 

“Writing Your Memoir” (all ages)

Learn how to write a compelling memoir that draws in readers and allows them to experience the pivotal events that have shaped your life.

“Straddling Multiple Worlds:  Being Mixed Race” (all ages)

This workshop fuses memoir writing skills and themes relevant to understanding your multiracial identity. You will engage in various writing exercises that will lead you to writing a compelling memoir that draws readers in. The ultimate goal becomes creating work that allows your readers to experience the pivotal events of your life and what being multiracial has meant to you.

Note:  At the end of each workshop, participants will receive a copy of Stickmon’s Writing Habits of Mind (2017). This article helps  writers stay motivated as they continue to create work that reflects their authentic voice.

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